Thai shrimp rolls…sort of

With peanut sauce and a side tomato-onion salad.


9 thoughts on “Thai shrimp rolls…sort of

  1. Oh don’t you start the Grace thing! Unlike you two, I’m not trying to starve myself and lose weight! πŸ™‚ And hubby says to remind you guys that we tend to snack a lot before dinner. So there!

    That meal was pretty small though. I was starving afterward and asked him to make popcorn for an after-dinner snack.


  2. I don’t try to starve myself; that time of the month does it for me. I know the boys tend to snack, oh wait, it’s just son2 that snacks, son1 takes after his grandfather, just subbing in online chatting for real life chatting. πŸ˜€

    Popcorn’s a great after dinner snack, especially with tv.


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