Chanterelle-garlic chive omelette and…

…roasted broccoli and sausage patties from Luke Rhodes Family Farm (local farmer who also supply us with chicken feed). Everything is ours except for the sausage!


4 thoughts on “Chanterelle-garlic chive omelette and…

  1. I’m imagining all the wonderful flavors of this dish coming together on my tongue. Does S feel pressure to keep upping his dishes? They seem to be getting more and more creative and I very rarely see the same thing repeated! I used to have fish on Sunday, spaghetti on Monday, chicken on Tuesday, etc… so boring compared to you guys!!!


  2. Actually, it’d be more work and planning to make particular meals on particular nights. S prefers to go with whatever we have on hand especially during growing season when we never know what’s needing to be eaten next.

    We’d try making our own sausage if we raised our own pig. Seems silly to buy meat from someone else and grind our own…maybe if we didn’t trust the source we’d do it.


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