Steak with…

…wilted beet greens, fried green tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes with onions.


9 thoughts on “Steak with…

  1. This meal brings tears to my eyes… oh wait… or maybe that’s cuz I just bit my cheek. lol… it is a very beautiful plate of food though. I’ll never forget seeing a PBS show featuring Julia Child. She sampled the guest chef’s chocolate cake and started to cry it was so good!


  2. Weird how my mind recalls things. It wasn’t a chocolate cake, it was a brioche that made her cry. Chef Nancy Silverton made it. If you can I recommend watching the old episode on the PBS site for Baking with Julia. So…. how hard do you think it would be to make her dish without a kitchen aid? 😦


  3. I think people who invented those light fluffy pastries before mixers were created are amazing. Or masochistic. Or both.

    LOL! I don’t think you have chipmunk cheeks, sometimes your teeth just end up where they shouldn’t be.


  4. Grace, I have a vague memory of that episode of Julia’s show. Monica makes brioche!

    Monica, it’s not that pretty…or did you mean the juices ran just like with some of their plating? 😉


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