Smoked duck fried rice noodles

The duck breast is from Smoking Goose, an Indiana company.


11 thoughts on “Smoked duck fried rice noodles

  1. lol… I just pictured S keeping T away at arms length from gobbling up the duck so that he could put it in the dish.

    And T not only the veggies, but the duck as well! Did you have to drive up to Indianapolis or do they sell their stuff at Blooomingfoods or at the farmer’s market? I miss BF… Do you know Meg? She was a manager at the east side store for a while way back when…


  2. Monica and Grace, it wasn’t left over from anything; he bought that breast to use specifically for this purpose.

    Grace, yeah, we’ve talked about Meg before. In fact shortly after you’d moved. I’d told her you said hi and she had said hi back.


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