Pasta with salmon, chanterelles and charmoula

And a glass of shandy because I *really* need a drink.

3 thoughts on “Pasta with salmon, chanterelles and charmoula

  1. Yes. I hope things are okay. I’ve never heard of shandy. I had to look that one up. What beer and what soft drink did you mix together? It looks refreshing! I had a shandy kinda day too only… I don’t drink. What to do??? Meal looks delicious!


  2. Grace, I mixed Mello Yello with a type of beer specifically called Shandy but you can use any beer and any 7-Up type soda. My body says I shouldn’t drink but I wish I didn’t have an intolerance so I could drink more.

    I hope your week improves; sounds like it was a rough day for you.


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