Some sort of odd stirfry

With bok choy, garlic chives, carrots, and some weird, knotted texturized vegetable protein thing in black bean & garlic sauce.


6 thoughts on “Some sort of odd stirfry

  1. Weird knotted texturized vegetable protein – if that’s not sounding delicious, I don’t know what is?

    On a semi-related note, I’ve seen chinese translations about Jew’s ear and I thought they were being racist, but apparently it’s a proper term. Who woulda thunk?


  2. “weird, knotted texturized vegetable protein thing” … for a family that eats such “natural” foods this seems a bit… backward…


  3. Monica, mom used to cook with these, but in sheet form. Very weird about the Jew’s ear thing!

    Grace, vegetarians and vegans use these as meat substitutes, and Chinese people have used it for a long time. It’s not much more processed than bread or noodles. while not fresh from the garden, it’s not as bad as Canned soup or Velveeta.


  4. Do you use organic tvp? I heard that you have to be careful of how they separate the oil from the protein. I remember buying some tvp to help extend my ground beef. It was very close in texture so I didn’t even notice the difference! Can’t beat the absence of staturated fat!


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