Steak, broccoli slaw, and fried mushrooms

The broccoli is our own and the mushroom is the last of the foraged chicken of the woods from Sunday.


4 thoughts on “Steak, broccoli slaw, and fried mushrooms

  1. That doesn’t mean the guys won’t be out foraging for more mushrooms in the near future though.

    Steak and mushrooms, does dinner get any better? Oh wait yes, you had fried chicken. 😉


  2. Yes I blame the Robes for my weakness in buying Southern Fried Chicken at work the other night. Although this steak looks very tasty! It’s usually too expensive to fit in our budget, but I get it once in awhile when there’s a good sale. I do feel like I need that blast of iron once in awhile… And… either the plate is huge or you’re feeding a child! lol…


  3. You have to indulge every so often Grace, otherwise you’ll turn into hubby and me and go on a binge. Steak is a good thing every so often, I could use more of it myself. 😉


  4. Yeah, they might forage again this weekend, Monica.

    Grace, the plate is huge and the food nearly fills the entire plate…how can it be a small portion? Yup, def need that iron every so often.


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