BBQ pulled beef and a surprise

The thing at the top that looks like fried chicken is actually fried chicken of the woods mushrooms! The guys took a hike in the woods and found these. They are so tasty! The salad is from our garden, the rolls are homemade, and the beef is from a small, local organic farmer.


9 thoughts on “BBQ pulled beef and a surprise

  1. ??? What is it about those two? Do they have something in common??? hmmmm
    And My basil, sage and parsley all bit the dust. Not sure what I did wrong. 😦


  2. So sorry to hear that your time of the month effects you so. So… do you remember if it tasted like chicken? lol


  3. Uh, your time of the month doesn’t last the entire month, does it, Monica? Actually, we find them for more than one month too…so it just that time you were here that the two things coincided.

    Grace, were you drunk? You’re giggling a lot! 😉 Anyway, these mushrooms are meaty and have no flavor of their own, so in that way, yes, they are totally like store-bought chicken.


  4. It sure as hell feels like it does. Yep, it’s one of those coincidences that can throw you off a certain type of food for a long time.

    Grace is having a good time, more so than just one that’s been wine induced. 😉 The mushrooms have more of an earthy flavour than store bought chicken, don’t they?

    And where’s tonight’s what’s for dinner?


  5. Monica, goes to prove humans are no better than animals when it comes to superstitious behavior bases on a sample of one attempt. 😛

    The blog post fo last night’s dinner took 10 tries to post which was why it was very late.

    Grace, sorry to hear about your herbs. 😦 Did you have a grow light on them?


  6. Many people aren’t better than animals when it comes to a lot of things, we just like to pretend we are. I’m glad the post showed up eventually.

    Grace, I just put my herbs by a window that gets some light and I haven’t killed them yet. Don’t stop trying.


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