Nachos with fried egg

And black beans and cilantro mixture. A quasi-Mexican creation.


6 thoughts on “Nachos with fried egg

  1. So here it is, almost 11:30 p.m. I knew better than to visit your blog at dinner time, but I have to say this dish looks absolutely delicious and I’d eat the whole thing right now and take my chances on dealing with heartburn all night. Are those slices of jalapenos? I love those spicy little peppers on dishes like this. And a black bean and cilantro mixture? Sounds awesome. And then the sour cream dollops! Your hubby is super talented. He should put a cookbook together. I bet it would sell quite well!


  2. Monica, it looks like a face…is that what you mean by creative?

    Lynn, thanks, my dear! Putting together a cookbook would be slightly easier than opening a restaurant, which some people have urged him to do. But he never measures anything so it’d be hard to compile. LOL!


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