Salmon pasta and salad

The greens are ours and so are the chives.


11 thoughts on “Salmon pasta and salad

  1. Aahhh… all is balanced in the universe again. Hubby is home and cooking! lol I sure miss home grown everything!!!


  2. Hmm… how about at the low spot along the driveway. That would make a great area for a nice fish pond!!! Don’t you love how we tell you what we want you to have on your homestead! lol Is raising salmon possible in a pond? Although it could become a huge bird feeder for herons, egrets, eagles etc. Unless…. you get your guard pig!


  3. Monica, he is relieved to be home…still busy at work but he doesn’t have to go 8:30 to 5:30. 😉 I would love to raise trout! You want to come dig our pond for us?

    Grace, there’s actually a low spot in the hay field that is even more perfect but it still requires digging and lining. 🙂 Anything that needs to swim upstream to spawn is not possible to raise on our property, alas. I was toying with the idea of getting guard geese again, actually.


  4. Home busy is way better than conference busy though right? You won’t even let me carry something you think is heavier, how do you expect these puny arms to dig you a pond? 😉

    Not getting guard llamas so you can use their fur/wool as well?


  5. Grace, sounds great; please come and construct it for us!

    Monica, you can’t carry heavy stuff because I’m afraid you’ll trip and fall and break whatever you’re carrying. Holes you can dig no problem, even if it takes you forever. 😉 Too much work to get/clean/spin wool.


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