Because we’re having leftovers tonight, I thought I’d post the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I made earlier today. Wish I could say I was having this fir dinner.


15 thoughts on “Cookies!

  1. Grace, it’s the Hilary Clinton one (from the election bake-off she had with Barbara Bush back in ’92).

    Monica, I could have anything I want but what kind of example would I be setting for the kids and the husband? 😉


  2. lol! oops! Yes! They call it Mrs. Fields’ recipe, but who knows. All I know is it’s my favorite! I may have to try Hilary’s recipe though and compare. It’s somewhat similar…


  3. Grace, I use shortening like the recipe asks for because Spectrum organic veg shortening is wonderful stuff and when I forget to bring butter out to soften, it’s a perfect recipe.


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