Brrrr…bratwurst and brussel sprouts!

It’s really actually yummm!


6 thoughts on “Brrrr…bratwurst and brussel sprouts!

  1. Totally! I told hubby he should grow them this fall because I’ve missed them. He said “Finally!” then added “it’s because I’ve gotten better at cooking them that you now like them.” 😉


  2. They look teeny tiny! Maybe it’s because you harvest them young and tender? Oh wait… tttttt totally, teeny, tiny, & tender too!


  3. Cee, yay, someone else who likes brussel sprouts!

    Monica, he’s always said that the stress of the competition isn’t worth the measly $10K they give you at the end if you win. And unlike most of the contestants who go there to “validate themselves,” he’s already got a healthy sense of self.

    Grace, no, as I mentioned in my reply to Monica up a few comments, I asked S to grow them this fall, which means that these, unfortunately, aren’t ours. I believe they’re the Cascadian Farm organic ones though, so not bad. Cute “ttttt” words. 😉


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