Choi sum and beef stir fry

8 thoughts on “Choi sum and beef stir fry

  1. So… Saraga the one in town? Did those people who had the shop near the old Hobby Lobby expand to open a shop in Indy?


  2. Monica, in yet another one of those sadly funny scenarios, a majority of scientists agree that there is climate change and that it is caused by humans, while the majority of humans don’t think there is and/or deny that humans have anything to do with it. Not knowing the facts has never stopped anyone from espousing loud opinions.

    Grace, we went to the huge one in Indy (around 31st and Lafayette). Apparently there is one in the south-side of Indy too, but we’ve not been there yet. The one here is still around and I really don’t know if they’re the ones who also own the ones in Indy or not.


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