A new year, a new project

And I intend to call it “What’s for Dinner?”

Reading the WordPress blog post about other people’s year-round themed blog projects so inspired me that I decided I’d do something of my own. Granted, this is probably something only I, and maybe my sister and my husband, will be interested in, but ev, as the kids say these days.

My memory is so bad lately that I often joke, “I don’t even remember what I had for dinner yesterday.” Well, I can remedy that! If I took a photo of what I had for dinner every night in 2013 and posted it, I will have no excuse because I can just look it up here.

So the countdown begins…it’s December 29th, 2012. I’ll officially start posting in three more days.

(And hopefully, by then, I’ll also have figured out how to allow comments on these blog posts. I’m such a WordPress newbie; I can do practically anything on Blogger but WP is a total mystery.)